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  1. Effective for up to 72 hours of sweat and odor protection
  2. Clinical Strength 
  3. Unique Certain Dri Protection System™ 
  4. Stay fresh and sweat-free all day long

Antiperspirant, when all else fails


Our strongest anti-perspirant,  keeps your underarms dry up to 72 hours!

Raise your arms with confidence,

get rid of sweat stains today!


0,39£/ml,  0,5€/ml


Excessive perspiration with senitive skin?

This is the right anti-perspirant for you!


0,29£/g, 0,39€/g

Certain Dri Protection System


Only Certain Dri has this kind of double protection, you can make certain you're dry with Certain Dri!


The Package:

1 Certain Dri® Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant


1 Everyday Strength Certain Dri A.M.™ Anti-Perspirant


- Roll on/Solid application, combine as you prefer.


-Added odor protection and all day freshness

-Both for men and women

certified cruelty free by PETA





If body odor concerns you choose this anti-perspirant and enjoy all-day freshness! 


0,13£/ml,  0,17€/ml


Prefer stick over roll-on?

Use this anti-perspirant
to be fresh and confident all day!


0,13£/g,  0,17€/g

For me starting to use Certain Dri was a life-changing experience because I could finally stop worrying about when sweat stains would show up under my arms. Thank you!

Béatrice, France

Didn't have much hope for it since I've already tried everything but this stuff works for me! I use the clinical strength roll on and the AM solid. Smells good, too.

Jürgen, Germany




Finally, a product for people with sensitive skin! We sweat too! Clinical Solid fantastic product!






I can wear colors! Certain Dri super!!!

Ewa, Poland


Welcome to the Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant Superwebshop! We ship to all E.U. countries.

Are you ready to wave goodbye to the discomfort caused by sweating? Then you are at the right place! Body odor, sweat stains can be embarrassing, we've been through it all, too. But Certain Dri's here to the rescue! Discover the Certain Dri Protection System™ with us!

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